Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Change is good

Hello, again, friends! I didn't mean to be away so long...but like anything else, blogging is a habit, and if you get out of the habit, every day it's more difficult to get back into it.

But here I am! And while I've been away, I've been thinking about making some changes to the site. The first is location. Blogger has been a great host so far, but for a couple of reasons (some of which I may reveal later...), I think it's a good time to move to Wordpress. If this means nothing to you, don't worry! All you need to know is that Home Baked has a new web address, and I would be thrilled if you'll follow me over there. I'll leave the existing pages over here at Blogger for a while, but all new posts will be at the new site: Never fear, the old posts are there, too, so once you make the switch, you'll still be able to search for old recipes.

The other change I've been contemplating is the focus of this blog. While I began strictly as a food blog, I've found the tight focus a little confining. I'd like to expand a little to encompass more of the "home" and not just the "baked"! We've got lots of DIY projects happening, projects with the kiddos, and family stuff to do around the neighborhood. I'll still bring you the best new recipes we find, as well as other food-related topics that sound interesting. I'm excited, and hope that with a wider range of topics, I'll be more inspired to post and you'll be more inspired to comment!

So don't forget--click on the link above, and check out Home Baked's new home. It's cleaner, more organized, and should be a great place to share all the things that make our house a home.