Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In need of inspiration

I don't think pretzels and cheesy sharks are quite the thing.
In other words, HELP!  I'm scheduled to bring an appetizer to a club meeting tonight.  Normally, I don't have too much trouble finding a recipe, and I had planned to bring carrot cupcakes (with cream cheese frosting).  But yesterday I learned that we're in need of savory dishes more than sweets, and I can't seem to commit to an idea.  (Especially one that doesn't involve another trip to the grocery.)

I need something that can be served at room temperature and that can be prepared from start to finish in two hours or less (including any baking or cooking time)--the little Cherub's nap time is my only window of cooking opportunity today.  I have mushrooms, some baby spinach, some cheddar, some parmesan, cream cheese, a couple boneless chicken thighs, eggs, heavy cream, butter, parsley... 

I am thinking mini quiches, maybe some mushroom and some spinach, but does anyone have a better idea?  Come on, help me out!


  1. No ideas, but the cherub looks very cute (and ready to pounce).

  2. Maybe some type of spinach dip? But that may require a trip to the store for something to dip...

  3. What do you have on hand?
    You can make a big bowl of fried rice or a spaghetti salad.

    Or you can have what he's having and argue that an Ikea bowl full of pretzels IS a a savory snack :-)

  4. Mmmm...fried rice. I guess I was thinking finger food, because I didn't really consider salads or anything. And the last of the pretzels were in that Ikea bowl....I ended up getting complicated and making little mushroom turnovers (see my next post). Thanks for the ideas!